Venus Armata


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The duo that comprise Montreal, Quebec’s MENACE RUINE (S. De La Moth and Genevieve) have been known to create some of the most alluring and mesmerizing music within the experimental/ambient/noise scene. Their music is very enigmatic, seductive, pulsating and hypnotizing by mixing elements from industrial music, classic goth and darkwave, martial/militant ambient, noise, black metal, and neo-folk into a wondrous sonic amalgam that puts them within a niche all unto their own.

“Venus Armata” is the duo’s fifth album and having already worked with such labels as the respected Canadian experimental label Alien8 and experimental UK label Aurora Borealis, and having played live with such artists as Mamiffer, Ash Borer, Nadja, Daniel Menche, Wolf Eyes, Watain, Aluk Todolo, along with playing the prestigious Roadburn Festival three years ago where they were personally invited by Sunn 0))) to play on said band’s curated day, the duo decided it was time to take it to the next level by working with Profound Lore Records with their 2012 release “Alight In Ashes”. Said album brought MENACE RUINE a new level of awareness.

With the new album “Venus Armata”, MENACE RUINE continue to expand their sonic canvas even further by creating their most intriguing and alluring album to date. With Genevieve’s spellbinding incredible voice becoming even more of a focus this time, “Venus Armata” focuses more on a sense of melancholy and longing through its overbearing wall of pulsating layers of sound and synth heavy noise while not abandoning a sense of song structure and movement. In what will stand as one of the most mesmerizing albums in experimental/ambient music released this year, the overwhelming sonic journey known as “Venus Armata” will accordingly make its awareness made through its potential crossover.


released October 14, 2014


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