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Grimmrobe Janis Joplin + Doom Metal = Awesome Shit. Favorite track: Psycho Animundi.
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SDHoneymonster Soulful, bluesy doom, hefty as a boulder sinking into a swamp. And that voice, oh lord that voice... Favorite track: Can't Settle.
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Dean Vincent In recent years female fronted occult/doom acts have become more common than oxygen or solid ground. To stand out Witch Mountain have not only the history behind them to show their maturity of years in the game they have also got some damn fine and solid doom riffs to please any fan of the slow and heavy. Add to this mix the spine chilling vocals of Uta Plotkin and this is rarely going to be off your record player. Forget Electric Wizard this here release is where it's at. Favorite track: The Shape Truth Takes.
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Portland, Oregon’s WITCH MOUNTAIN are technically, pretty much Portland’s oldest doom metal band, dating back to their formation in 1997 by guitarist Rob Wrong and drummer Nathan Carson, at a time when Portland’s heavy music scene was practically non existent. They would release their debut “Come The Mountain” album in 2001 and play extensively on the live circuit following its release alongside the likes of such bands as High On Fire, Goatsnake, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, Eyehategod, Yob, and Clutch to name just a few. Fast forward to 2009 after a lengthy hiatus and WITCH MOUNTAIN would regroup with a new young vocalist Uta Plotkin (taking over vocal duties from Wrong) and self-releasing their comeback album in 2010 “South Of Salem” to critical acclaim. Said album, alongside WITCH MOUNTAIN’s return introduced Uta Plotkin to the heavy music scene as she would inevitably be recognized as one of the most powerful and best female vocalists in heavy music today. This would be solidified even more in 2012 when WITCH MOUNTAIN released their “Cauldron Of The Wild” album to even more widespread acclaim and endless touring around said release.

The band’s fourth album, “Mobile Of Angels” sees WITCH MOUNTAIN deliver their most epic and musically challenging album to date. Along with Uta Plotkin delivering her best vocal performance yet, “Mobile Of Angels” is a darker and more brooding album than any of its predecessors. With a cleaner and warmer sounding production (courtesy of legendary producer Billy Anderson, album tracked and mixed in Type Foundry studios Portland) yet still maintaining that massive heavy bluesy and melodic tone the band are known for, “Mobile Of Angels” is another formidable chapter in the WITCH MOUNTAIN saga that will see the band’s crossover appeal and awareness broaden even more.


released September 30, 2014

Produced and Engineered by Billy Anderson at Type Foundry Studios in Portland, OR.


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